The Root Social Justice Center

Brattleboro, VT
The Root's Purpose: The Root SJC provides a physically and financially accessible space to support and bring together communities working for social justice. We operate collectively to sustain a space that strives to be free of oppression, harm, and injustice.

We envision that The Root Social Justice Center is a place where people:

Support and challenge each other towards personal growth and systemic transformation
Actively break down barriers to participation so all different kinds of people can come together to share power and create change
Collaborate and organize to contribute to larger social justice movements
Create stronger visibility for justice-oriented community-building

The Root's Beliefs:

We are open about who we are and affirming of others.
Our oppressions and our liberation are interconnected.
Self-care and wellness are an essential part of a thriving collective.
We all have something to contribute. We all have something to learn.
Transparency and the access of information to all is an important part of breaking down power barriers.
We believe in sharing leadership, resources, and decision-making.
We value our connection to the land and the earth.

The Root is a collectively-run co-working space for justice-oriented businesses and organizations by day and a community resource to support organizing and events by night and weekend. The Root is open to people of all abilities, ages, and identities.