The Prison Justice League

The Prison Justice League (PJL) envisions a society where the voices of all people regardless of past criminal behavior are included in efforts to create a balanced criminal justice system that ensures public safety and upholds the human rights and safety of Texas inmates. PJL believes that all individuals are worthy of full participation in civic and community activities and have the ability to determine their own future. As such, we believe that criminal justice reform is a civil rights and social justice movement that fits into many other problems plaguing society, most importantly structural racism and economic inequality. Our goal is to create a network of active individuals who will be educated, mobilized, and motivated to be the voice for reform in Texas.

We work to improve conditions in Texas prisons through litigation, advocacy, and by empowering our members. We address the needs of prisoners in Texas, challenge institutions of punishment and hold them accountable for their actions, and serve as a voice for prisoners and the communities most affected by the criminal justice system.

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