Peaceful Vocations

Fort Worth, TX
Founded out of the grassroots concerns of North Texas Citizens, Peaceful Vocations has grown into an effective vehicle through which many students continue to learn the facts about military enlistment, war, and the many alternatives to the G.I. life.

We are an all-volunteer, consensus-based collective, made up of service industry employees teachers, artists, nurses, attorneys, union organizers, veterans, and students.

Peaceful Vocations is one of hundreds of organizations working across the nation to counter the military’s presence in public schools. We provide meaningful and necessary information about vocational and higher educational alternatives to military recruitment.

We reach students in Fort Worth public schools by tabling during lunch hours, making classroom presentations, having a presence at College Days and Career Fairs, hanging hallway posters, and placing our literature in the counselors’ offices. We provide all of these services at no cost to students.  We attend numerous civic events; we provide street theater for the community, and presentations for churches, civic groups, and parents’ groups.