New Orleans Hospitality Worker's Committee

New Orleans, LA
The New Orleans Hospitality Workers Committee is an organization created by and for hospitality workers. We fight for our long overdue rights using the power of collective struggle. Under the guidance of labor history, we know that an organized workforce is how workers win. This city has 100,000 hospitality workers, organized & united we have the power to shut this city down. If we all went on strike tomorrow the money would stop flowing and our bosses and representatives would have no choice but to adhere to our demands.

We are opposed to all forms of oppression such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. We support full rights and protections for our immigrant co-workers. We understand our bosses use tactics that weaponize forms of discrimination to further divide workers. We must stand firm against these divisive tactics. The committee respects Black, brown, women, and LGBTQ workers and welcomes them to take on leadership in the organization.

Our purpose is to organize our fellow hospitality workers so that we may secure just working conditions in our industry --- wages we can live on, benefits to support our families and freedom from harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Only through organizing will we be able to demand a better future for hospitality workers. We fight for better working conditions, both for workers currently in the industry and the children in the community who will inherit the industry.

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