MataHari: Eye of the Day

MataHari: Eye of the Day is a Greater Boston organization where women of color, immigrant women, and families come together as sisters, workers, and survivors to make improvements in ourselves and society and work towards justice and human rights. Our goal is to end gender-based violence and exploitation.

MataHari recognizes that our communities are impacted by interpersonal institutional, and internalized oppression. We work to understand the root causes of those oppressions, while simultaneously addressing their symptoms. We envision a society without inequity, racism, or violence. We believe that we are and should be capable of determining and transforming our own conditions. We want to build healthy and safe communities that prioritize the voices and leadership of all their members, and that succeed in engaging hearts, mind

The core of our work and vision is a belief in the importance of collective action and people’s leadership as strategies for social change. When marginalized groups are able to engage in arenas of public debate, their voices work to reverse historic oppression and assert that all people, especially the most excluded, are entitled to equal rights, dignified lives, and the opportunity to participate in movements for social justice.