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In order to apply for a Resist grant (all applications must be entered online):

Our next application deadline is September 7th, 2019

  1. Start the application process for any of our grants here.

  2. You will need to create a user account. You don’t have to submit an application, but in order to browse, read the applications, or submit, you must create an account. It should take less than five minutes. 

  3. You will see information about our five grant programs and instructions on how to apply. 

Please follow instructions online for technical support, and for application support, give us a call at 617.623.5110.

We very much look forward to reading your applications!


Kendra, Grant Director, Resist

General Support, Accessibility, and Multiyear applications:

2019 Grant Application Deadlines

Deadline 1: March 2rd, 2019,  6pm  EST (Receive funding decision in May 2019)
Deadline 2: June 1st, 2019,  6pm  EST (Receive  funding decision in August 2019)
Deadline 3: September 7th, 2019,  6pm  EST (Receive notification of funding decision in November 2019)
Deadline 4: December 6th, 2019, 6pm EST (Receive notification of funding decision in February 2019)

Rapid Response Grants:
Applications are reviewed every Thursday and applicants are notified of funding decisions within seven (7) business days or less.