Resist's Radical Philanthropy Series

Dear Resister,

Today we're taking the time to celebrate our Radical Philanthropy Series which recounts our story of transformation throughout the years, how we do our work and our hopes for the future of philanthropy. You can learn more about our event here.

Haven't read our five-part series yet? Click on the links below. 

1. Transforming Resist: An Introduction to a Series on Radical Philanthropy

2. A Practice in Emergence: Creating Resist’s New Theory of Change, Strategic Priorities, and Culture of Care

3. Planting Our Roots: Developing Resist’s Organizational Principles and Living Into Our Purpose

4. Resist as a Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit: Part One

5. Resist as a Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit Part Two: The Work of Connection

In spirit,

Resist Staff Collective