People's Durham

People’s Durham is an organization based in and committed to building the political power of the working class through mobilization, education, leadership development, alliance building, and creating our own institutions for survival. We believe that working class people of color and women are the center of this effort to transform society.

Currently, workers, and communities of color have little to no influence over decisions that impact our:

Land, housing, & public space
Ability to live in a sustainable, healthy environment
Jobs and ability to get what we need to survive
Health care and quality of life
Education and ideas

We’re the ones who do the work that makes society move, and we’re the ones who should have the power. In order for that to happen, working class people need organization(s) that will win:

Political Power: The ability of our communities to be at the center of the day-to-day decisions that impact our lives through elections, using our bodies and voices creatively, and ultimately changing the way that the whole system works.

Economic Power: The ability to create solutions that meet the needs of our communities, value the work that we do and the expertise that we have, and allow us to live in harmony with the natural world around us.

Social Power: The ability to use our ideas and cultures to transform our society into one that values cooperation, respect, and sustainability.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression have divided working class people and communities of color and repeatedly kept us from winning. We will fight these systems and promote the leadership of women, low-income people and workers, people of color, young people, and queer people.