Encuentro Diaspora Afro

Encuentro Diaspora Afro was created in 2004 to provide a vital space for Afro-Latinos and all people of African descent - exploring and embracing our complex and multiple socio-political identities across the US, and throughout the world. EDA is dedicated to dismantling racism, improving the lives of women and men of African descent, and creating a just society for all. Our mission is multi-faceted and captures a distinctive role in the broader grassroots movement for racial and social justice: to empower women and girls of color across nationalities and ethnicities while strengthening the voice of Afro Latinos and promoting racial healing.

Using dialogue, community education, training, and advocacy, we: (i) mobilize Afro-Latinos into action for racial and social justice; (ii) empower youth of color to be leaders within their communities and agents of social change; and (iii) promote racial healing within communities of color, including misinformation and mistrust between Latino/a and African American communities and across the broad diversity of people of African descent in the Americas. We create a space to address the miseducation, misassumptions, in US public schools about Black/Brown histories in all the Americas.