Centro de Trabajadores Unidos: Immigrant Worker's Project

The mission of Centro de Trabajadores Unidos is to have a powerful immigrant run organization in the southeast side of Chicago that will educate workers on their rights, develop leadership within the immigrant community, support and organize all workers as they fight for their rights in the workplace and fight for changing policy that increases standards for immigrant workers. The long-term vision would also include a component that would offer career advancement so immigrant workers can advance from low-wage, low-skill jobs into the high-skill jobs of our new economy.

We envision a healthy and thriving local economy in which workers rights are respected, their dignity upheld, and their labor justly compensated. Healthy workplaces support healthy individuals and families and together we build a strong community. Our work helps make our vision a reality by educating and assisting immigrant workers as they exercise their rights. CTU stands as a powerful example of the capacity of less-advantaged communities to interrupt cycles of poverty and injustice.

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