Black Sovereign Nation

Black Sovereign Nation utilizes direct action, cooperative economics and community outreach initiatives to empower people of color.

The struggle for Black liberation is built upon many philosophies and ideologies. Each has its own place in the fight for freedom. Black Sovereign Nation was founded primarily to answer the community's call for direct action in response to oppression. In addition to direct action, BSN is committed to honoring four principles in our effort to serve, protect, and uplift the Black and Brown populations of Austin. Those principles are refusal to comply with unjust laws, cooperative economics within communities of color, reclamation of our narrative, and education independent of white supremacist institutions.

BSN is dedicated to not only fulfilling the role it was founded to play in the struggle, but working in collaboration with other activist led organizations to create a full and multifaceted movement for justice and change. BSN hopes to empower communities of color through direct action, cooperative economics, and community outreach initiatives.