BAY-Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth

Oakland, CA
BAY-Peace supports and empowers Bay Area youth to confront militarism and other forms of violence through youth organizing and artistic resistance. We are the only group of our kind in the Bay Area to focus on issues of militarism, offering a unique model that brings youth to the forefront of the movement for peace and justice. BAY-Peace cultivates creativity, critical thinking, and understanding among working-class students of color who are the targets of institutions and cultural norms that increase the level of violence in their lives.

We call attention to the impact of having over half of our taxes spent on war, and engage in positive alternatives that support our communities. In addition, our Youth Action Team is getting the word out to young people in Oakland and around the country about their right to opt out of the JAMRS private military recruiting database.

BAY-Peace provides youth-led workshops and trainings to give other young people real information about the military that recruiters wouldn’t want you to know. We are reaching out to youth all over the Bay Area to organize for better alternatives.

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